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new version 0.5 (Februari 4th 2005)

UPDATE: 16th November 2007 Today iAppoint is tested on a fresh install of Windows XP Professional in combination of MS Office Professional 2007. The test went smooth and iAppoint is 100% compatable.

What about a tool to share your appointments in Outlook 2000 or XP on your windows machine with an Ipod or iCal on your Macintosh?

iAppoint is a tool that simply copies all your appoints in Outlook to one single file. This file 'vCalandar.ics' can be copied to your iPod or macintosh for import into iCal.

iPod users

For iPod users who have their iPod connected to the firewire port it's easy. Just copy the export file c:\vCalendar.ics to your calendar folder on the iPod. If you have a iPod mac version you will need a tool like MacOpener, XPlay or MacDrive to make the iPod drive visible on your windows machine.Users of the win version of the iPod don’t need this.

NEW: Export of contacts has been added. Now it's possible to export all your contacts in Outlook to one single file. Copy this export file to your iPod and you have them all there.

iCal users

Copy the vCalendar.ics file to your mac. If the mac and windows machine are on a network share a drive. Or mail the program over.
In iCal just simply do an import.

You can also use a WebDav drive to sync.


Currents version is only tested on a Win2000 and XP machine with Outlook 2000 and XP.
I recieved messages that it will not run with Outlook97


(Last Modified: Februari 4th 2005)

Current version is 0.5 Freeware. But I can use some funding for further developments. I will start a discussion forum for future developments. I received many positive feedback on the program. Please make some donations and you will be secured with updates.

iAppoint version 0.5 full program with installer (2.3 mb)

.exe only for upgrade from previous versions (62kb).

Readme.txt file for some information.


I would like to recieve suggestions and comments. Also I would like to keep track who is using the program. Please mail me: Conrad Hagemans (ipod@hagemans.com)

Version history:

0.1 Initial release for testing
0.2 Fixed small bug in date
0.3 Performance update + Addition of recuring appointments
0.4 Export of contacts added, default export file/path added
0.5 Multiple calendars added, save drive/path, calendar name

Copyright 2005 Conrad Hagemans

Use this program at your own risk. The author assumes no risk or
responsibility for any damage caused by this executable.

The current version is free for personal use, but redistribution or inclusion
in other products is not permitted without the express permission
of the author.

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